ZOOM -the sequel

Second session yesterday.

23 participants--some new faces

Actually,i cant see everyone who takes part-and missed some of you

Might be worth trying muting all mics[apart from mine!!!] and all video screens [not mine!!] next time-after we have all said hello

Not sure

Any feed back appreciated

Now have a Face book page--Fitfellas and Wonderwomen

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Still no word from Highlife on when Phipps hall is opening Hopefully in November When it does, you will need to book in as I can only take 10 max Booking 'button' on WEBSITE AND FB---or contact me . O

First Zoom session

Today we tried out our first on line Zoom session I have absolutely no idea how many folks 'attended'--but seemed to be a lot of little boxes on the screen Well done all for managing it It was actuall